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The MTNA Collegiate Chapters Piano Pedagogy Symposium Hosting Chapter and Committee are seeking digital proposals from collegiate chapters, college students and newly graduated young professionals to present at the MTNA Collegiate Chapters Piano Pedagogy Symposium at the University of Texas at Austin, January 12–13, 2018.


They invite proposals that:


Highlighted topics may include:




Plenary Sessions are 35-minute presentations that showcase current Collegiate Chapter research. Plenary sessions are scheduled so all attendees can attend. Group submissions only.


Split Sessions are 25-minute presentations that showcase current Collegiate Chapter or individual research. Split sessions are scheduled with three occurring at the same time in separate rooms, so attendees have the freedom to pick the topic that most interests them. Group and individual sessions permitted.


Networking Split Sessions are aimed to target specific interest groups in Independent Teaching, Group Teaching, Grad School, and Entrepreneurship. We are looking for moderators who have demonstrated expertise in the subject area. You may apply for more than one subject area. The role of the moderator is to engage the attendees to discuss pertinent topics, innovative approaches, and share advice. Moderators must submit a C/V and a two paragraph description detailing why and how they would make a good moderator. Individual submissions only.


Best Idea Sessions are brief, 5-minute presentations that focus on a single topic, example, idea, project or technique. They do not attempt to cover all aspects of their subject matter, but present one facet of the idea clearly and succinctly that will allow attendees to immediately apply to their teaching/learning. In this interactive session, audience members vote to determine their favorite best idea. Individual submissions recommended.


Poster Sessions should showcase research, projects, outreach or collegiate chapter activities. All posters should include all pertinent information in a manner that is visible from 3–4 feet away. Presenters applying for a Poster Session must additionally submit a computer-generated sample in PDF or JPEG format. Group or Individual submissions are permitted.



Proposal Submission Requirements.
Plenary& Split Sessions
  • Title
  • 2-minute audio recording (recording may be made on application page or uploaded as an mp3 file)
  • 250-word abstract
  • 35-word description for the conference program book
  • ***For group presentations, all members must participate in the audio recording. Label your audio file as "2018 PPS—SESSION TITLE." Please DO NOT include presenter name(s) or school affiliation to ensure an unbiased evaluation of the submission
Networking Split Sessions
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two-paragraph description introducing yourself and why you would make a good moderator
Best Idea Lightning Round Sessions
  • 100-word description of idea
Poster Sessions
  • Title
  • 250-word abstract
  • A computer-generated sample in PDF or JPEG format



Audio Submission Tips


Proposals are no longer being accepted.

Notifications will be sent no later than Friday, October 20, 2017.


Presenters are required to pay the registration fee for the symposium.


To submit your proposal, click on the proposal type in the table above.